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"The photos of the renovation are beautiful. It looks like a new house and nicer than it was before.  We thought the worst when we got the call that the house was damaged.  The feeling of helplessness was overwhelming, living in Bangkok, wondering how were we to get the house repaired.  The communication and documentation that you provided during this event was better than we could have asked.  The way your company worked with the insurance adjuster to get the house redone and finding the tenants a place to live while the house was under construction was better than we could have done on our own, even if we were still living next door.   We hope you will accept our invitation to come visit us here in Bangkok.  Thanks again!" 

Clara and Sam K.

"I just received the tax reduction letter in the mail from the town.  This savings will really help.  I would never have thought about fighting the taxes without your help.  The job you guys do watching over my house is great.  Helping me save this money goes beyond managing the rent collection.  I don’t know what I would do without  you." 

Alice C.

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"Absolute Management has been absolutely wonderful!  My wife and I have not received any tenant phone calls since we started working with you.  If we did not receive the monthly statements we would never know we actual own the property.  This has been such a great relief.  The other company we had managing the property took so long responding to the tenants that we would end up getting called for help.  We were worried that we would need to sell the building that has been in our family for 75 years, as we could not handle the management of the building living out of State.  After working with Absolute we are confident this building will stay in the family for another 75 years and our kids can enjoy the rental income.  We cannot be happier with the level of service."

Tom and Nancy M.

"Thank you so much for all your help.  We have been trying to get the full rent from our tenant for months.  Not sure how you got them paying the full rent and even got them to agree to a payment plan for back rent.  We cannot tell you how impressed we are with you and your company." 

Rachel A.

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