AVPro offers facility management on every level.  We can get on board at any point necessary: planning the workspace to meet the needs of the organization and to maximize efficiency; managing construction; executing leasing and occupancy; coordinating move-in; general maintenance and property management; managing any supply pipelines, stocking common hospitality areas; determining emergency preparedness; scheduling routine inspections; or overseeing environmental, health and safety compliance.  As with all our service offerings, we will get to know your organization’s needs and create a customized, integrated and comprehensive plan of services to seamlessly meet those needs.

Facilities Management

REO Property Management Services

Construction Project Management


AVPro represents owners during  renovation, expansion, or new construction.  We'll get on board at the start of a project, or at any point when our services become needed.  A Project Manager will be onsite during construction to field questions, deal with any unexpected issues and keep a check on progress.  As the project evolves, we will meet with owners on their schedule to finalize choices such as  colors, tile, landscaping and appliances.    Our experience uniquely qualifies us to provide value input as to how specific details could add to the market value of the property.  AVPro will provide input in regard to design, obtain plan-based quotes from contractors, oversee the build-out, keep owners updated at all times and hold contractors to budget and time-frame, ensuring work is done to owners specifications and seeing that no corners are cut.

AVPro’s Absolute Concierge services cover lifestyle needs such as personal assistance with appointment setting or correspondence, event planning, travel planning, transportation arrangement, chef services or  daily task services such as trash removal and housekeeping.  These services are offered on their own or as a complement to our full service property management and maintenance offerings.  Any maintenance, management and concierge service plans are configured to be a custom fit for any client’s lifestyle.

AVPro meets every management and maintenance need of any property type.  We represent owners in all aspects and responsibilities of ownership.  We deal with the daily tasks and simply provide monthly statements along with income received.  Our nationwide network of professionals keep routine maintenance up-to-date and are always ready to take care of small repairs as well as major heating, electrical and plumbing issues.  By bringing AVPro on board, property owners ensure the preservation of their properties and have the convenience of a single point of contact for every service needed or problem that arises.

Residential & Commercial Property Management

Efficient and effective REO property management requires detailed knowledge of the regional real estate environment where that property is situated.  We believe that the professionals best suited to bring success to the REO property management scenario are local vendors, vendors who have superior track records; are knowledgeable about their own geographical areas; are experts in their respective fields; and have earned the respect of their customers.     From changing a lock, to determining truly comparable properties with regard to valuation, AVPro relies on a network of experienced and vetted vendors who are experts in their fields.  The management of each REO property involves two phases and is guided by an experienced, local Project Manager.  First the property is carefully evaluated with an eye for resolving any property issues and for getting the property market ready as dictated by the client.  Secondly, AVPro provides routine maintenance, and any repair services needed, while the property is on the market. Status updates for our properties can be accessed around-the-clock.  AVPro keeps customer support direct and simple.  If the client needs more detail than that available on our online property management platform, Project Managers are available by phone 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.  AVPro ensures that every member of each Project Management Team is appropriately licensed, insured, and compliant with the standards, policies and procedures dictated by that vendor's industry and field.

Absolute Value Property Management

Comprehensive & Integrated Property Management Services for Residential, Commercial, Investment & REO Properties

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